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  • Bombardier Challenger 601-3A/ ER aircraft for sale, with after sale aircraft full maintenance & operation support package as an option, aircraft used by countries VP and VVIPS, excellent condition, details available on our aircraft section.
  • Airlines company for sale with current AOC, four aircraft, monthly $ 300000 active contract, contact us for more details.
  • We are hiring Ferry pilot, Capt. TRE/TRI of B 737-NG, Capt. TRE/TRI of A 320, Capt. of F 27 and F 50, Co-pilot & Trainee Co-Pilot of B 737 NG, A 320, F 27, F 50, ATR 72, refer Career section for more details.



Asian Air Services purchasing and leasing aircraft to its esteemed airline customers around the globe. We invests exclusively in current, modern and in-demand aircraft.

Our portfolio comprises a balance of new and old aircraft directly procured from the owner or manufacturer together with young aircraft acquired through sale and leaseback transactions. Offering a wide range of aircraft types and backed by a global team of technical experts and industry specialists, Asian Air Services is best positioned to provide you with the perfect fleet solution to enable your business to grow.




  • The Challenger 601-3A/ER is a medium to long-range business jet that offers plenty of desirable qualities in its class.
  • The 601-3A/ER is capable of travelling 6,236 KM in one trip and at 0.85 Mach.
  • A few other notable refinements of the 601-3 A include an all-glass cockpit, drag-reducing wing lets and greater fuel capacity, all contributing to the jet’ stransoceanic range.
  • The Challenger offers nice cabin space. Rather large to a accommodate long-range trips, the interior measures over 6 feet tall (stand-up cabin), over 8 feet wide and 28 feet from front to back. A staggering 19 passengers will reach maximum capacity, while 10-12 are standard. A “deluxe” galley and lavatory can be found on board. The aircraft is also known for its low noise levels.
  • Beginning with the original Challenger 600, Bombardier created a successful family of business jets. Manufactured from 1987-1993, the 601-3 A is the cream of the crop, featuring the best engines, avionics and design of the family. It remains a likely competitorin the long-range, wide-body business jet category.


  • The Aircraft is offered on an As-is Where is basis at the price of USD 3,100,000.
  • Additional Options for purchaser:
    -Change of Seat and Seat Covers;
    -Aircraft Painting;
    -Interior Deep Cleaning and Polishing;
    -Exterior Polishing;
    -Support Package.

With Airworthiness condition & Additional options available ready for immediately inspection.


  • Our Commitment and Support
  • We manage your aircraft, so you can focus on managing your business and life


  • Flight Operations Department;
  • Pilots; Engineers; Hangar;
  • Maintenance and Spare Parts Support;
  • Heavy Maintenance;
  • Insurance;


Flight Operations Manager 1
Chief Pilot 1
Dispatcher/loadmaster 1/1
Support Staff 2
Pilots 3
Cabin Crew 3
Engineers 3 + 3 Mechanics
Storekeeper 2
Security & Helpers. 4


06 months aircraft under supervised operations with Crew, Maintenance and Insurance provided as a package;

  • All at a fixed cost –no hidden costs involved.
  • NOTE: Spare parts costs not inclusive.


Daily Aircraft Operations
We will assist you with the establishment and initial operations of your aircraft, including establishing a flight department, selecting a crew, and establishing contracts with maintenance providers and the FBO, including the following services:

  • Identify aircraft base of operations
  • Airport analysis: runway length, ground support equipment
  • Negotiate and establish fuel contract with FBO
  • Negotiate and establish maintenance support
  • Identity maintenance providers (including avionics support)
  • Contract for crew and crew training
  • Verify pilot qualification and Supervise crew selection
  • Maintenance Management and Control
  • Chart and data base subscriptions
  • Fixed and direct operational budgets
  • Recommended spare parts


  • Depending on then location of the base, we will assist to recommend,
  • source and store the spare parts requirements.
  • A basic store set up based on the recommendations of the
  • manufacturer and our experience will ensure the lowest downtime for
  • the aircraft.
  • We are also able to get the spare parts at the most competitive rates
  • given our network and long term experience n the industry.



             Aircraft is in immaculate condition with luxurious interior;

            -Full Specs;
            -Last user is the Vice President of a Country;
            -Aircraft preparation and final maintenance;
            -Attractive Price –Best Price in the Market.
            -Option for Support for Maintenance and Operations;

ATR 72-500

Unit Available: 5
PAX -3
The ATR is the World’s best selling turboprop aircraft.
The ATR 72 is recognised as the most cost-effective, reliable regional aircraft, positioning it as the industry reference to serve both low-cost/low yield environments.
Powered by PW127 engines, the ATR 72-500 provides outstanding short field performance for an aircraft of this size, even on difficult “hot and high” airfields.

ATR 72 600

Unit Available: 8
PAX -3
The ATR 72-600 Series takes advantage of the latest innovations in the cockpit technology with simplified, integrated LCD advanced functions, enhancing safety, improved handling for pilots, in addition to maintenance cost saving and significant weight reduction.

New technological innovations are being incorporated in the ATR 72-600 Series to further enhance the feeling of space, comfort and the pleasure of flying. The ATR 72-600 benefits from the widest cabin in the turboprop market, with the new Armonia cabin, new ergonomic design for greater comfort, new seats and wider overhead bins with 30% more roller bags stowage.

Equipped with 2 engines PW 127M, the ATR 72-600 features enhanced performance on "hot and high" conditions with the "boost" option. In addition, with the RTO (Reserve Take-Off) option, the aircraft can increase take-off weight and payload up to 1,000 Kg (2,000 lbs) on challenging airports with very short runways.

The ATR 72-600 is the lowest seat per mile cost aircraft on the 70 seat segment, thanks to significantly lower fuel and maintenance costs compared to its competitors.

A 320

Unit Available: 5
PAX- 4
150-seat Airbus A 320 turned out to be world's fastest-selling jet airliner. This is the first aircraft in the world to have The Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitoring (ECAM) concept. This system constantly displays information concerning the aircraft's engines, as well as other key systems such as flight controls, pneumatics and hydraulics, to the pilots. ECAM also provides automatic warning of system failures and displays an electronic checklist to assist in handling the failure. It was also the first narrow-body airliner.

Two modifications, А 320-100 and А 320-200 with a capacity of 130 and 150 passengers respectively, were designed first. Subsequently both airliners were expanded to seat up to 150 passengers.

The airliner performed its maiden flight on 22 February 1987.
The A 320 has given rise to a family of aircraft which share a common design but are larger (A 321) and smaller (A 319 and A 318).

Two engines CFM International CFM56-5 or International Aero Engines IAE V2500-A1, V2527-A5.


First flight 22 February 1987.
Crew 2
Capacity 166 passengers
Empty weight 42200 kg
Maximum take-off weight 73500 kg
Range 5639 km
Cruise speed 903 kmh
Service ceiling 11250 m
Length 37.57 m
Wingspan 34.10 m
Altitude 11.76 m


  B 737-600 B 737-700 B 737-800
Guest capacity 113 130 168
Engine GE/Snecma
CFM56-7B, 22, 700 lb.
CFM56-7B, 24, 200 lb.
CFM56-7B, 27, 300 lb.
Standard seat pitch 31-33 in. 31-33 in. 31-33 in.
Plus seat pitch 33-36 in. 33-36 in. 33-36 in.
Cruise speed 530 mph/850 kph/460 knots 530 mph/850 kph/460 knots 530 mph/850 kph/460 knots
Maximum altitude 41,000 ft./12,500 m 41,000 ft./12,500 m 41,000 ft./12,500 m
Range 3,500 mi./5,635 km 3,800 mi./6,115 km 3,521 mi./5,667 km
Wingspan 112 ft. 7 in./34.3 m 112 ft. 7 in./34.3 m 112 ft. 7 in./34.3 m
Length 102 ft. 6 in./31.20 m 110 ft. 4 in./33.6 m 129 ft. 6 in./39.5 m
Tail height 41 ft. 2 in./12.5 m 41 ft. 2 in./12.5 m 41 ft. 2 in./12.5 m
  Unit Available: 3
PAX -3
Unit Available:7
Freighter- 3
PAX- 4
Unit Available: 9


Boeing 767

Unit Available: 5
Freighter- 1
About the Boeing 767-300

Guest capacity 262
Engine General Electric CF6-80C2B6
Standard seat pitch 31 in.
Plus seat pitch 38 in.
Cruise speed 530 mph/850 kmph/460 knots
Maximum altitude 43,000 ft./13,100 m
Range 5,130 nautical miles/9,500 KM
Wingspan 167 ft./50.9 m
Length 180 ft. 3 in./54.9 m
Tail height 52 ft./15.8 m