Asian Air Services
  • Bombardier Challenger 601-3A/ ER aircraft for sale, with after sale aircraft full maintenance & operation support package as an option, aircraft used by countries VP and VVIPS, excellent condition, details available on our aircraft section.
  • Airlines company for sale with current AOC, four aircraft, monthly $ 300000 active contract, contact us for more details.
  • We are hiring Ferry pilot, Capt. TRE/TRI of B 737-NG, Capt. TRE/TRI of A 320, Capt. of F 27 and F 50, Co-pilot & Trainee Co-Pilot of B 737 NG, A 320, F 27, F 50, ATR 72, refer Career section for more details.

About Us

Asian Air Services is in the business of importing and exporting all types of aircraft worldwide. We provide operators with attractive lease terms while providing investors with tax abatable products. Asian Air Services also provide simulator training to hour building or line training to low hour pilot with employment opportunity to ferry our  aircraft.

Asian Air Services specialized in aviation industry knowledge, our unbroken relationships with airline customers, aircraft manufacturers and other key aviation industry participants, together with the long-term experience and talent of our senior management team and other key employees have enabled us to deliver strong operational and financial results through multiple industry cycles.

Our core business model is focused on purchasing used and new, fuel-efficient, in-demand aircraft at competitive prices directly from company and aircraft manufacturers, financing those aircraft purchases efficiently, placing our aircraft on long-term operating leases with a globally diversified customer base and selling our aircraft to maintain a young and new fleet, to mitigate risks in our aircraft portfolio and to generate gains on sale, as well as reinvesting the sale proceeds in new aircraft investments.


Business scopes of include:


  • Aircraft leasing
  • Type training and line training
  • Purchase consulting & operation management services for private aircraft
  • Spare engine, spare parts & ground handling equipment leasing
  • Air taxi business investment
  • Specialized asset management services
  • Airport investment
  • Investment & lease of warehouse for spare parts.