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  • Bombardier Challenger 601-3A/ ER aircraft for sale, with after sale aircraft full maintenance & operation support package as an option, aircraft used by countries VP and VVIPS, excellent condition, details available on our aircraft section.
  • Airlines company for sale with current AOC, four aircraft, monthly $ 300000 active contract, contact us for more details.
  • We are hiring Ferry pilot, Capt. TRE/TRI of B 737-NG, Capt. TRE/TRI of A 320, Capt. of F 27 and F 50, Co-pilot & Trainee Co-Pilot of B 737 NG, A 320, F 27, F 50, ATR 72, refer Career section for more details.

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  • Operating

    The operating lease is the service offered by Asian Air Services. All leases are on a short or long-term basis.

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  • Sale and Lease
    cum Purchase

    Asian Air Services offers sale and lease cum purchase facilities on selected single aisle and widebody aircraft types.

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  • Lease

    Airlines company, Aircraft owners and investors can call on Asian Air Services to provide expert lease.

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  • Aircraft

    Asian Air services offers specialised financial services and consultancy to both airlines and aircraft investors.

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  • Type Rating,
    Line Training

    Airlines worldwide have required Co-pilots to demonstrate at least a first Airline experience on specific aircraft type such

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Welcome to Asian Air Services

Asian Air Services is the culmination of years of experience in the challenging aviation industry. Our company has evolved and grown over the years. Our management team has utilised their vast experience in this market to ensure each iteration of the company has been tailored to take full advantage of opportunities in the Asian continent's rapidly growing aerospace market.

We have complemented our core wet and dry leasing business with a world class aircraft maintenance facility also helping low hour pilot to build on type hours through line training progrmme. We are now able to offer holistic operations solutions and support to any airlines. This service allows airlines to focus their efforts on marketing and ticketing their routes. Our aeroplanes and skilled personnel represent the airline's brand and provide their passengers with a safe and professional service.

Our vision and knowledge has ensured Asian Air Services has kept pace with the recognized international standards in terms of safety, best practice and best services to our clients. Through our extensive improvement programmes, we have ensured our staff compliment of over 187 trained professionals are able to deliver one of the best airline support services on the continent.

Asian Air Services is the best choice for advanced pilot training to hour building for future Co-Pilot and Captain. Aircraft Line Training for low houred pilot is an effective way to accumulate hours quickly and to meet the minimum hours requirement most airlines demand for employment.

Our selection of type ratings includes nearly all Boeing and Airbus aircraft. For many pilots the best selling B 737 and A 320 is the aircraft that they fly at the beginning of their careers. The bulk orders of aircraft from various Asian airlines will mean an increased need of crews. We are prepared for this – and our airline customers profit from our large selection of type ratings in all stages of crew training.

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